A Piece of Me

My relationships usually erode very quickly.

Everything begins with a bang. Sudden passion and vigor stuns my soul, with my heart inevitably becoming lost in the ocean of jubilee that consumes me. My opposite, the person with whom I am enthralled, becomes the sole focus of my attention, every moment and movement with her a note in a glorious symphony.

This is a tragedy though, it cannot last.

The ocean of jubilee quickly becomes a maelstrom, the glorious symphony begins to play off-key. What once was the start to something vibrant and alive, deteriorates into a decrepit mess. Happy smiles and excited kisses become stolen glances from a distance and secluded crying.

She tore a piece out of me. No matter how much I cram into the absence that is now present, nothing remains, everything melting away, once again revealing the missing piece of me.

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